Injectables in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Laren

Call +31 35-234 0001 for a free consultation appointment; Botox (cosmetic and medical; migraine, excessive perspiration) and the best dermal fillers (Restylane), Profhilo and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments in Laren. Other locations are Amsterdam, Den Bosch

The following clinics can be called directly via the indicated phone numbers to make an appointment for an injectables (Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma or dermal fillers such as Restylane) treatment by doctor Tom van Eijk.

Tom van Eijk Kliniek
Burgemeester van Nispen van Sevenaerstraat 23
1251 KE Laren
035-234 0001
Saturday January 13th, 
Thursday January 18th,
Tuesday January 23rd,
Monday January 29th. 

Thursday February 8th,
Tuesday Febraury 20th. 

Tuesday March 6st,
Tuesday March 13th, 
Monday March 19th, 
Thursday March 29th. 

Tuesday April 3rd,
Monday April 9th,
Sunday April 15th,
Thursday April 19th,
Tuesday April 24th.

Aesthetic Center
Jan van Goyen

Concertgebouwplein 11
1071 LL Amsterdam
020-3055874 (option 2)
Every Wednesday and Friday

De Clinique
Luijbenstraat 3
5211 BR ‘s-Hertogenbosch
073-610 48 28
Three times a month

Information regarding the treatments such as the Botox or filler injections can be found on this website, in English, since most of the information on the clinic websites will be in Dutch only.

Botox, Azzalure and fillers such as Restylane and Profhilo are available at all clinics. Treatments with Sculptra and V-soft are available in De Clinique in Den Bosch and the Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen in Amsterdam. Radiesse is only available at Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen in  Amsterdam.

For the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment we welcome you in Laren, Den Bosch or Amsterdam.

Depending on the location or day of your choice you can make an appointment at one of these clinics. Easiest way to do that is by calling the clinic directly since they all have their separate agenda’s. You can press the red texts to link you to the relevant pages of the individuals clinics. There you will find more information on the injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. 

We provide in all clinics anesthesia by means of injections or numbing cream in case you would fear that the injections can be painful.

The consultation or second opinion is free.

Please use the form on this website if you would like to ask a general question or in case you wish to make an appointment but have not decided in which clinic you would like to go.

Kind regards,

Drs. Tom van Eijk

Bo\tox Amsterdam