Cannula – injecting fillers without needle

When fillers such as Restylane be used, it is possible to inject it under the skin with the aid of a cannula.

What is a cannula?

A cannula looks like a needle, but with two differences;
– The point is blunt rather than sharp
– The opening is slightly aside from the tip
In addition, a cannula is usually longer than a needle to be able to fill a larger area of the face from a single place.

What are the advantages of a cannula?

To inject with a cannula is a good option when a face can be made more attractive with the improvement of the subcutaneous volume. In particular, in the improvement of the contour of the cheeks, this is very effective.

The main advantage of the use of the cannula is that the risk is minimized to bruising. the treatment is also usually less painful than when a needle is used.

What are the disadvantages of a cannula?

Unfortunately, for reducing wrinkles, treat acne-damaged skin and improve the jaw line is filled under the skin is not effective and can lead to the so-called “pillow faces’ that appear in the media with some regularity. For strengthening of the skin, it is really necessary to inject the fillers not only under the skin, but in particular in the skin itself. This requires a needle, because the cannula only through soft tissue, such as subcutaneous fat tissue, can move.