Liquid Facelift

The Liquid Facelift

Offering a Liquid Facelift for many clinics is a standard procedure. The term ‘liquid facelift’ describes that a ‘lifted’ result is achieved with the aid of injections of dermal fillers. Hence without surgery, without an actual face-lift. Obviously undergoing a procedure without the use of a knife will always be less frightening than a less intensive treatment with injectables. Still, I do not offer this treatment. Or at least I will not call this treatment a ‘face-lift’ for it is technically simply not possible to carry out a face-lift without having to operate. A misleading name can lead to false expectations or results that fall short of what is promised. And that’s not necessary.

What is wrong with the name ‘Liquid Facelift’?

When a ‘liquid facelift’ is executed a surplus of skin is treated with a relatively large amount of subcutaneous fillers. A part of the aging process of the face is that the skin becomes bigger, wider. The thinner the skin, the easier it will increase. That is the reason that the most commonly performed surgical correction of the face is the upper blepharoplasty.

The jaw line and cheeks over time will  become flaccid. At the same time in most people the subcutaneous adipose tissue in certain parts of the face diminishes. Filling the subcutaneous tissue is an effective way to restore the volume which is lost. However, when not only the ‘missing’ volume is restored, but purposely more volume is injected in order to obtain a tighter skin, the face changes in an unnatural way.

What is possible?

First of all, a thorough analysis of the face is important. The loss of subcutaneous volume must be distinguished from the loss of firmness of the dermis and  the flaccidity of the skin. The latter can not be remedied with injectables. The first two do. The firmness of the skin is restored with small injections in the skin (Fern Pattern Technique), combined with the volumizing injections underneath the skin . The result is spectacular, but different from the result that a surgical face-lift would give. For the optimal effect, it is often advisable to build upon previous treatments and reach the correction step by step.

In order to make a proper analysis of your face requires a consultation. I can make an accurate prediction of what works (and what not) with respect to the preservation of your face.