Second Opinion

Free Second Opinion after a cosmetic treatment with Botox or fillers.

If you are uncertain about the outcome of a cosmetic treatment being performed elsewhere? Do you notice an asymmetry, drooping of the eyelid or eyebrows, swelling after the use of fillers or is the effect of treatment just not as nice as what you had in mind ?

A consultation with Drs. Tom van Eijk is always free and without obligation. Also a second opinion.

We understand that in the event of a disappointing result it sometimes can be difficult or scary to present your symptoms to your initial physician. At doctor van Eijk’s office you are welcome to have your treatment evaluated and (if possible) corrected. With the benefit of over fifteen years of experience in plastic surgery and injectables and an extensive network of colleagues to help you when he is incapable to do so himself.

Esthetisch Centrum Jan van Goyen    Amsterdam    020-644 94 23

Tom van Eijk Kliniek    Laren    035-234 0001

De Clinique    ‘s-Hertogenbosch    073-610 48 28