Looking tired? Deep tear troughs?

Do you have bags under the eyes and always looks a little tired? People often ask you if you had enough sleep?

Are you looking for a good safe solution for getting rid of puffiness, so you look better and fresher?

The etiology of the ‘tired look’.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most vulnerable in the face. This causes the first wrinkles to appear usually around the eyes. This area is also where puffiness or dark circles slowly begin to emerge. For a layman in general it seems to be difficult to assess the exact cause of puffiness.

We know that with the passing of years the subcutaneous connective tissue is changing and becomes less firm. As a result, the fat pads which situated directly around the eye tend to move forward. heading towards the cheek, underneath the eye subcutaneous fat will diminish and move downwards. The skin here can be thinner and more transparent hence forming a dark shadow.

These three changes, along with the skin itself becoming wider or looser add up to the image of the ‘tired look’.

Eliminate dark circles.

Dark circles under the eyes or deep tear wells ( “tear troughs”) give the face a tired appearance. It is often thought that living habits play a role in the development of walls, but this is not always the case.

Eliminating dark circles is possible in different ways. Which way is best for you depends on the exact anatomical situation. If shadows are created by the loss of subcutaneous fat then a treatment with a filler can be a solution. If excess skin is the culprit a lower eyelid is necessary to compensate this excess.

Treating tear trough deformities using dermal fillers – solution for your tired look.

The treatment itself consists of several small injections. The injections with a filler are applied to the locations around the eyes which reduce under-eye circles. The injections are virtually painless. However, it can also be chosen for anesthetic through an anesthetic cream if you wish.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes and you can see immediate results. However, after 4-8 weeks the result is optimal and the result can be left up to a year.

Free consultation.

During the initial consultation doctor van Eijk will discuss  with you what would be the best treatment for your situation.  In addition, you will be fully informed about the method of treatment, recovery, side effects and after-care.

Plastic surgeon or cosmetic physician?

Depending on the cause of your problem we will aim for the best treatment. If a treatment with a dermal filler is not expected to give the desired result information about possible alternative treatments such as lower eyelid surgery will be given.

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