The Art of Injecting

Revolutionary Technology


‘Since 2004 I have developed different injection techniques. These techniques are intended to treat different parts of the face in a better way and with convincing natural results. Focus is always on the patient and the ‘translation’ of the desire to adjust her or his appearance by making a careful diagnosis of the changes the face has undergone in the past years. The art of injection comes next.

Excessive muscle activity can be curbed with Botox and Azzalure.
Loss of volume can be corrected with subcutaneous fillers (Restylane, Emervel, Radiesse, Juvederm).
Loss of firmness can be restored with the Fern Pattern Technique (Restylane).
Too much skin can not be reduced by injectables. If this is attempted anyway ( “Liquid Facelift”), the result is an unnaturally puffy face.
These simple rules ensure that the result is predictable and long lasting.

The most important are techniques developed I developed over the years;

Fern Pattern Technique – firmness in response to static wrinkles
Lip Tenting Technique – perfectly naturally formed and full lips
Palma Technique – address lower eyelids to look fresh again
Zorro Sign – restore the smooth transition from chin to jaw line
Skin Booster Wave – improving and smoothing of the skin on the cheeks
Botox gapping – optimal treatment of crow’s feet on the lower eyelids
These and other techniques are discussed in the workshops for physicians.

The first consultation meeting

The consultation meeting will focus on your personal situation, complaints or requests you may have and possible solutions including the associated costs.

During the consultation meeting there is ample opportunity to ask questions. Don’t hesitate to ask anything that comes to mind later on.

Your wishes, opinion and aimed for result are the focus of attention. Furthermore questions regarding your medical background are important. I will discuss the possible treatments, risks and side effects if applicable. ‘